How Many Followers?

I can’t believe this blog has passed the 50 follower mark! I’m really grateful to be able to share my drawings with so many people, thanks guys 🙂


5 thoughts on “How Many Followers?

  1. And some of us are not even “guys”! Nor are we striving to “master” our craft, become “Bachelors” of Art or “Masters” of Art. We toil to create pieces we ourselves are contented by, but do not wish to see them designated as “masterpieces”. But then only a woman would be so picky, no? I enjoy sharing your drawings (and words) and you deserve your 50 followers; otherwise they have not manifested themselves. Forward, say I!

    • I think I’d need a personality transplant first before I thought anything I’d made was a masterpiece! Nice doodle is more up my street 🙂 “Manifested” is a word I do not use enough! It wil be my word of the weekend and I’ll confuse dull London commuters with it :p

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