First We Take McDonalds…

Then we take the world! I should stop listening to Leonard Cohen while I draw, it does strange thing to my mind. Altered film negative with sharpie markers. This is what I think Starry Night would look like if instead of a peaceful village it showed aliens abducting McDonalds!


Pigging Out

Scale, perspective, being able to draw; these are the things that went out the window and were replaced by the joy of Veggy Percy Pigs! I opened the bag and it smelled like being 9 years old, munching sweets in the car and listening to the football scores with my Mum. Happy times! Thanks to Beverley Haines, whos blog post this week alerted me to the¬†existence of the veggy version of my favourite childhood sweets!¬†¬†Go check out her blog for some lovely drawings ūüôā

The Company

This is Oscar. He would have made an¬†excellent¬†receptionist as he can answer a phone, reply to email, direct people to the elevator, write memos, and still have enough arms left over to wave happily at¬†newcomers. The company didn’t promote him to the receptionist job even though he had enough experience. His friends said things like “You should have stood up to them! Put your foot down!” or “You really need to grow a backbone.” which didn’t help because Oscar doesn’t have feet or a backbone. He thinks he needs more¬†invertebrate¬†friends.

In my head all the animals-that-work-in-offices that I draw work for the same firm called “The Company”. Here’s their social media consultant¬†terrier and a hopeful intern¬†dragon.

Midnight River

First this looked too twee and fairytale, so I added loads of black and now I can’t shake the feeling that this is some kind of fairy black market drop spot. “Meet me by the twinkle tree at midnight and don’t forget the goods.” said the wood fairy,¬†adjusting¬†his balaclava.

Soft Heather

Heather is a seriously beautiful plant. I looked up Heather on Wikipedia and read that is is a “lime hating” plant. I thought “so heather can never have Mojitos” before I realised that it meant the soil classification, and also that plants do not order cocktails.