Swampy Meadow

Happy Earth Day! Someone please tell me the proper word for the habitat that is kinda swampy but has loads of beautiful flowers.  “Swampy Meadow” can’t be a real thing but I have a horrible feeling the word I’m looking for might be “bog”. Its not bog is it?


15 thoughts on “Swampy Meadow

  1. I think you could call that a marshland, but swampy meadow is acceptable because of the describing word swampy, I actually like it already. Btw, your post is great, very energized primary colors, i should say! The sky is deep blue–so very spring-like but nearing summer. I like the blue melting into yellow with the green grass shadow effect, and the yellow blending with the red for the brownish red reed grass. And yes, Happy Earth Day too! 🙂

      • Well, I didn’t expect that, hehe, I really thought it was done with a watercolor. Awesome medium, is there also a wash technique in there? Really curious on how you achieved the rendering of the sky.

      • The wax equivalent of a wash! You drag a “painting iron” covered in the coloured wax across in a sweeping motion. The results are kinda unpredictable, but that makes it fun 🙂

      • Ah, sounds fun to do. was browsing at of your works and looks like you perfected it. Great Job! 😀

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