Fathers Day

I’m back! Work done, let the blogging recommence 😀 No, I haven’t turned to drink during my blogging hiatus, this was a drawing for a fathers day card.


Inky Tale

A friend was telling me about her late father; as a young man he got a tattoo in France using illegal blue ink. The ink was prone to swelling in sunlight and distorting the image. But it ment that when my friend was a little girl she loved to see her fathers seahorse tattoo puffing up its blue tummy in summer. Sometimes a mistake we make turns out to be a wonderful thing further along the line.

I’m taking a short break from blogging while my university deadlines are looming. Normal service should resume in June, I’ll see you then  🙂

Crisis Averted

My apologies for the drawing drought. The iPhone WordPress app has become very buggy and keeps messing up my posts. So I’ve jumped ship and invested in a new iPhone app to write posts on. This is the first test of BlogPress! So far it’s proving very user friendly.

Todays drawing was for yesterdays mothers day card.

Hey Mutti! Love you!

Reclaiming Drawing As A Hobby

Before starting my art degree, I drew constantly. My free time was filled with drawing. My walls were covered in pages from my sketchbooks, and I always had a pen in hand.

Sadly studying art for the last few years has turned drawing into work and I gave up drawing recreationally. The aim of this blog is to reclaim drawing as a hobby. By posting one drawing a day I hope to get back into the habit of drawing for drawings sake.