My cousins birthday is today! So here’s his dog, in his teams shirt with a birthday beer 🙂


Inky Tale

A friend was telling me about her late father; as a young man he got a tattoo in France using illegal blue ink. The ink was prone to swelling in sunlight and distorting the image. But it ment that when my friend was a little girl she loved to see her fathers seahorse tattoo puffing up its blue tummy in summer. Sometimes a mistake we make turns out to be a wonderful thing further along the line.

I’m taking a short break from blogging while my university deadlines are looming. Normal service should resume in June, I’ll see you then  🙂

Pigging Out

Scale, perspective, being able to draw; these are the things that went out the window and were replaced by the joy of Veggy Percy Pigs! I opened the bag and it smelled like being 9 years old, munching sweets in the car and listening to the football scores with my Mum. Happy times! Thanks to Beverley Haines, whos blog post this week alerted me to the existence of the veggy version of my favourite childhood sweets!  Go check out her blog for some lovely drawings 🙂

The Company

This is Oscar. He would have made an excellent receptionist as he can answer a phone, reply to email, direct people to the elevator, write memos, and still have enough arms left over to wave happily at newcomers. The company didn’t promote him to the receptionist job even though he had enough experience. His friends said things like “You should have stood up to them! Put your foot down!” or “You really need to grow a backbone.” which didn’t help because Oscar doesn’t have feet or a backbone. He thinks he needs more invertebrate friends.

In my head all the animals-that-work-in-offices that I draw work for the same firm called “The Company”. Here’s their social media consultant terrier and a hopeful intern dragon.