The Path Leads Up

Chalk pastel sketch from The Ring of Brodgar, Orkney. I kept dropping my pastels in the heather, I was using heather coloured pastels so I was searching for awhile!


Soft Heather

Heather is a seriously beautiful plant. I looked up Heather on Wikipedia and read that is is a “lime hating” plant. I thought “so heather can never have Mojitos” before I realised that it meant the soil classification, and also that plants do not order cocktails.

Swampy Meadow

Happy Earth Day! Someone please tell me the proper word for the habitat that is kinda swampy but has loads of beautiful flowers.  “Swampy Meadow” can’t be a real thing but I have a horrible feeling the word I’m looking for might be “bog”. Its not bog is it?

Old Heather

I realise “Old Heather” sounds like it should be the name of a character from a book, probably a woman who sits on a swing chair drinking lemonade and always looks like she knows something you don’t (which she does!)

An ink drawing today because I feel guilty that I’ve been neglecting my other materials in favour of my new wax paint. There, there ink, I still love you too!