Nuclear Mountains

I’m reading a lot of post-apocalyptic scifi right now so I wanted to try a matching wax painting. The birds were a mistake, the birds should be radioactively barbecued by now. Maybe they are bird-shaped government drones looking for survivors…


The Path Leads Up

Chalk pastel sketch from The Ring of Brodgar, Orkney. I kept dropping my pastels in the heather, I was using heather coloured pastels so I was searching for awhile!

Soft Heather

Heather is a seriously beautiful plant. I looked up Heather on Wikipedia and read that is is a “lime hating” plant. I thought “so heather can never have Mojitos” before I realised that it meant the soil classification, and also that plants do not order cocktails.

Old Heather

I realise “Old Heather” sounds like it should be the name of a character from a book, probably a woman who sits on a swing chair drinking lemonade and always looks like she knows something you don’t (which she does!)

An ink drawing today because I feel guilty that I’ve been neglecting my other materials in favour of my new wax paint. There, there ink, I still love you too!