Nuclear Mountains

I’m reading a lot of post-apocalyptic scifi right now so I wanted to try a matching wax painting. The birds were a mistake, the birds should be radioactively barbecued by now. Maybe they are bird-shaped government drones looking for survivors…


Swampy Meadow

Happy Earth Day! Someone please tell me the proper word for the habitat that is kinda swampy but has loads of beautiful flowers.  “Swampy Meadow” can’t be a real thing but I have a horrible feeling the word I’m looking for might be “bog”. Its not bog is it?

Wax Learning Curve

I’m trying to learn how to use wax to make a recognisable landscape. I’m also trying to get the hang of writing with the stylus. The key word here is ‘trying’! Since the main feature of the wax seems to be that it goes where it wants to go no matter what you do I’m finding both things pretty difficult. The scene is based on American Alps Ranch, who have a wonderful blog over at  and to who I apologise for making their lovely ranch look rather wobbly!