Inky Tale

A friend was telling me about her late father; as a young man he got a tattoo in France using illegal blue ink. The ink was prone to swelling in sunlight and distorting the image. But it ment that when my friend was a little girl she loved to see her fathers seahorse tattoo puffing up its blue tummy in summer. Sometimes a mistake we make turns out to be a wonderful thing further along the line.

I’m taking a short break from blogging while my university deadlines are looming. Normal service should resume in June, I’ll see you then  🙂


No Orca In Orkney

I’d love to see killer whales while here on Orkney, but its not the season for them so imaginary whales it is! A pod of Orca swimming through icebergs. Brrrrr!

Melty Melty (or wax isn’t just for birthday candles)

For my birthday today I got a starter set of Encaustic Art tools! That included the painting iron and coloured wax. I’ve never had so much fun getting to know a new painting style! These are my first ever encaustic paintings. Above is a mountain lake, and below a ship battles a sea monster in high waves. I think there’ll be many more as I get used to this new medium 😀