Video! Single Line Drawing – Emirates Air Line

Heres a peek out the window of the new London cable car, and a look at me making a single-line version of the view! I’ve got a new camera set up too which includes something almost like a camera stand. Its working a lot better than my previous video, for which the camera setup involved gaffer-taping my macbook to the desk at a worrying angle…


Single Line – Emirates Air Line

This week I was lucky to be one of the first people to ride on Londons new cable car, the Emirates Air Line. I loved it, and the cable car full of police men that went past us looked like they were enjoying it too 🙂 Here’s a single-line Air Line drawing, and stay tuned for a video later!

The Company

This is Oscar. He would have made an excellent receptionist as he can answer a phone, reply to email, direct people to the elevator, write memos, and still have enough arms left over to wave happily at newcomers. The company didn’t promote him to the receptionist job even though he had enough experience. His friends said things like “You should have stood up to them! Put your foot down!” or “You really need to grow a backbone.” which didn’t help because Oscar doesn’t have feet or a backbone. He thinks he needs more invertebrate friends.

In my head all the animals-that-work-in-offices that I draw work for the same firm called “The Company”. Here’s their social media consultant terrier and a hopeful intern dragon.