Fathers Day

I’m back! Work done, let the blogging recommence 😀 No, I haven’t turned to drink during my blogging hiatus, this was a drawing for a fathers day card.


Pigging Out

Scale, perspective, being able to draw; these are the things that went out the window and were replaced by the joy of Veggy Percy Pigs! I opened the bag and it smelled like being 9 years old, munching sweets in the car and listening to the football scores with my Mum. Happy times! Thanks to Beverley Haines, whos blog post this week alerted me to the existence of the veggy version of my favourite childhood sweets!  Go check out her blog for some lovely drawings 🙂

Tranquil Traveler

I’m not a very tranquil sketcher. It would be nice to pretend I drew this drawing sitting in the lotus position, at sunrise while in awe at the glory of nature. But it was more like squatting in a swamp, in the rain while “pfft-pfft” blowing my hair out of my face. Hopefully its got a tranquil feeling anyway, no matter how much mud got on me while drawing!