Inky Tale

A friend was telling me about her late father; as a young man he got a tattoo in France using illegal blue ink. The ink was prone to swelling in sunlight and distorting the image. But it ment that when my friend was a little girl she loved to see her fathers seahorse tattoo puffing up its blue tummy in summer. Sometimes a mistake we make turns out to be a wonderful thing further along the line.

I’m taking a short break from blogging while my university deadlines are looming. Normal service should resume in June, I’ll see you then  🙂


Shh… Don’t Look But I Think Theres Someone Following Me!

I can’t believe this blog has 100 followers! Thanks everyone, its such an honour to be able to share my doodles with you all. If 100 followers isn’t an excuse to over use the neon wax then I don’t know what it 😀