Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree…

With anyone else but me 🙂 I love that Glenn Miller song. I loved making this image too, using the painting iron as a hot plate with the paper on top and “drawing” the melting wax onto the heated paper. Smoooooooooth.


Strange Plot Development

I’m having so much fun using wax! I like to think this is a weird kind of moss that lives in books and eats ideas. This is beeswax, coloured wax and gold. On a side note … “Take THAT Theory of Landscape Painting book!” :p

Soft Heather

Heather is a seriously beautiful plant. I looked up Heather on Wikipedia and read that is is a “lime hating” plant. I thought “so heather can never have Mojitos” before I realised that it meant the soil classification, and also that plants do not order cocktails.

Doc Leaf

Dock leaf; mash it up and rub it where you got stung. I once rolled down a whole hill of nettles, in shorts and after that I always thought it was spelt “Doc” leaf, because it was like medicine. Bonus fact! The latin name for this family of plants is Rumex. How cool is that? I think Rumex is a scifi character waiting to happen.